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Applications of Our Platform
We have been delivering innovative and engaging physical and hybrid events with our event platform solution.


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Our event platform provides a range of services that cater to all your event needs.
  • Guest List Import
  • RSVP Email
  • Event Registration Page
  • Automated Confirmation
  • Attendee Management
  • QR Code Ticket
  • Installation-free Check-in Scanner
  • Real-time Attendance Report
  • Customizable Event Login Page
  • Online Access Control
  • Virtual Event Venue
Professional Event Experience
Interactive Engagements
  • Event Survey
  • Thank You Email
  • Event Report

Guest List Import
We support batch email list upload for sending out invitation.
RSVP Email
Personalized email invitation with customized design helps provide privilege experience to increase registration rate.
Event Registration Page
You can create best fit event registration form to collect information as you wish for better event preparation.
Automated Confirmation
Sending confirmation without delay automatically. “Add-to-calendar” button facilitates attendee to mark the schedule.
Attendee Management
Checking your registrant list with one click to effortlessly monitor the registration number and retrieve the details.
During Event – In-person
QR code check-in is 50% faster than manual registration ticking. Apart from that, it provides instant and accurate attendance tracking. Smarter brand image and smoother operation possible!
QR Code e-Ticket
Installation-free Check-in Scanner
Real-time Attendance Report
Customizable Event Login Page
A highly customized event page aligns with corporate branding to give a unified impression.
Online Access Control
A gatekeeper to restrict unauthorized audience to enter your private event.
Virtual Event Venue
Immersing your attendee into an interactive online event experience.
Professional Event Experience
An interactive event platform enhances engagement and interactivity among participants, leading to more impactful and memorable event experiences.
Exhibition Booth
Event Agenda & Speaker Bio
Multimedia Clickable Display
Direct Message
Live Streaming
A higher quality viewing experience by using specialized equipment and software to ensure high-quality video and audio.
AV Signal Mixing
Mixing the signals of remote call/video-in from different video conferencing solution sources to enable a cohesive and professional live show.
Pre-recorded Video Broadcasting
Video content can be recorded in advance, edited and finalized before it is broadcasted at a scheduled time.
Pre-rolls and Inserts
Sponsored pre-rolls can play before the main content begins. Inserts can appear in form of banner, text ads or video ads within the main content.
Multi-channel Broadcasting
You can broadcast your streaming to Facebook, YouTube or other media channels simultaneously to reach more of your audiences.
On-demand Video Playback
Streaming content can be recorded for on-demand viewing, so latecomers will not miss out on remarkable content.
Emoji Reaction
It allows audiences to instantly express their feelings and help speakers better understand the audience reactions and preferences.
Polling / Quiz
This is a way to provide the audience with a sense of participation and help them to retain information more effectively.
Audiences can join the discussion and connect with the speakers in real-time.
Lucky Draw
A way to encourage engagement and create excitement for the participants.
Event Survey / Feedback Form
You can identify potential business leads and collect valuable insights to improve future events with a tailor-made survey.
Thank You / Follow-up Email
Retaining loyalty and supports from your attendees by merging attendee names and special messages (e.g. unique discount code for next event / purchase).
Post-event – Event Report
Event tracking and reporting are critical parts. You can have full control of data to do analysis and performance evaluation. You can also discover the impact of the event.
  • Detailed Attendance Report
  • Online User Login Report
  • Viewing Statistics
Extraordinary Features
Professional live streaming to break through capacity limits and extend worldwide audience reach
Instantly available web designs (responsive views for desktop and mobile devices)
Customizable logo, colour theme to align with corporate branding
Support custom URL
Support multi-language user interface
A variety of interactive engagement functions
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